Howth Literary Arts Festival Ramble

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Enhance your experience of the unique Howth Literary Arts Festival, curated in the celebrated, historic and private interior of Howth Castle.

Our 2017 arrangements fuse the literary arts, drama and cultural history to which you, our patrons, have responded so emphatically and unequivocally in recent years. 

Immerse yourself fully with an informed and poetic guided stroll among the authentic natural and celebrated hallmarks of this renowned landscape. Connect physically with the exquisite, ancient and unique core of Howth and Beann Eadair, a remarkable and ancient peninsula.



Departing 15:00 and 17:00



Desde EUR 10

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Aspectos importantes

Meet in the courtyard of Howth Castle and wander through the landscape that inspired Yeats, Dean Swift ,Samuel Ferguson James Joyce and HG Wells among others. Experience the summer blooming of the Rhododendron Gardens. See and feel The Dolmen and hear the legend of  Aideens Grave that inspired Samuel Ferguson to write The Cromlech of Howth. Look out over what HG Wells called the most beautiful view in the world from Muck Rock in a 60 minute guided stroll. Indoor footwear might not be up to the job, there are some rough trails on the route, and some short slopes at 25 degrees or more.    


  1. Howth Castle