Inspire, revitalise and inform your student groups in an unforgettable, wilder Ireland, a simple hop from Dublin city

You have been teaching us for three years of the budget, value, access and experience that makes your day

Embrace a refreshing succession of habitats with a breathtaking and romantic Irish and European history discovered step by step.

The authentic coastal magic of Howth is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the urban routine.

Wrap it all up with an ice cream or fish and chips at Howth harbour and get back to the city reinvigorated by the seaside air and space.

Half a day to fill?

The perfect half day outing, morning or afternoon

  • 35 minutes by train or bus from the city centre.
  • Let us meet you when you get here and mind you until you are done.
  • Stretch the legs and fill the lungs and senses with a light hearted and easy feel for Ireland. Walk in the footsteps of the Tuatha De Danaan,  the Celts, Christians, Vikings and Normans with echoes of the Napoleonic wars as you wander about this natural coastal wonderland.  
  • Share the colourful sights of the fleets and the powerful fragrances of the fishing harbour with a soundtrack of seabirds, wind and waves. 
  • This is a two and half hour travel through time and nature with passionate local guides sharing Howth’s fairy tale history in a Unesco biosphere.
  • Get off the beaten track on secret trails with breathtaking views and the companionship of all the local wildlife.




Student Full Day- Ring of Howth

The Ring of Howth is a young explorers challenge

  • A four to five hour voyage of discovery around the four points of the compass on this ancient former island.
  • Experience the full range of habitats of our magical coastal wonderland.  
  • For the more adventurous with outdoor shoes, a waterproof jacket, backpack and intrepid spirit. 
  • Immerse yourselves together in landscapes and habitats, from the waters edge through clifftops, meadows, woodland, coastal heath and exotic Siamese Rain Forest (I kid you not).  
  • Let your local guide lead you through the seasons, centuries and millenia of Ireland in the footsteps of the great European history written step by step in the pages of ten thousand years.
  • Share the inspiration of the artists, poets, writers, kings, queens and mythological heroes and villians who have been drawn here again and again to leave their mark in the land, monuments and buildings.
  • A picnic lunch is recommended along with a close eye on the weather to be prepared.
  • Howth is an inexpensive and direct 35 minute hop by bus or train from the city centre and we will meet you as you arrive and see you off safe and sound.