Howth Harbour and Village Tour

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Explore the charming harbour and historic coastal village of Howth. This is a wonderful 2.5 hour walking tour. Nobody knows it better! Only 30 minutes from Dublin City by train, it is the perfect seaside escape. Walk through time in the footsteps of an astonishing history enjoying the breathtaking views taking in the sights, sounds and aromas of a bustling port. Visit the East Pier; shipwrecks, pirates and smugglers. Learn about the Abbey; Saints, Scholars and Vikings.  View the Lighthouse and hear the history of the Asgard, the Howth Guns and 1916 Rising. Visit Tower Hill, steeped in the history of the Normans and the Napoleonic Arms Race.  Stroll down the the West Pier and Kings Landing with the wonderful cafes and restaurants alongside the working fishing fleets.


This tour is for the culturally curious who want to immerse themselves in local life and relive the great tales of history.


A lively, loving and hospitable town

Cockles and mussels , a-live aa-live OH !





From EUR 20

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  • Meet at 1pm at Beshoff's The Market, West Pier, Howth Harbour 
  • Explore Howth Harbour the story, sights, sounds and aromas of a bustling port
  • Visit the East Pier shipwrecks, pirates and smugglers
  • The Abbey, Saints, Scholars and Vikings
  • The Lighthouse, the Asgard, the Howth Guns and 1916 Rising
  • Tower Hill, the Normans and the Napoleonic Arms Race
  • The West Pier and Kings Landing and check out the wonderful cafes and restaurants 


  • An easy stroll adapted to get the best from the weather
  • Seals, islands, and wild seabirds all at your fingertips
  • Walk in the footsteps of an astonishing history and heavyweight past
  • Winkle out the best spots for grub, grog or whatever you're having yourself
  • Explore the West pier with its cafes and restaurants right beside the working fishing fleet
  • Stretch your legs betwen the sea and the sky on the extensive and exposed East Pier
  • Step back in time with the engaging and informative stories of your passionate guide
  • See the oldest fleet of yachts in the world racing at the weekend


  1. Beshoff's The Market
  2. King George Footprints
  3. West Pier
  4. Middle Pier
  5. St. Mary's Abbey
  6. Martello Tower
  7. Balscadden
  8. East Pier
  9. Lighthouse