Summer Safari Howth - June, July, August

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Dublin's most inspiring hike. Starting from the Tourism kiosk at the Harbour. Gnarly beautiful and adventurous, by the sea. Explore Howth off-road with passionate and expert local guides, nobody knows it better. 10 kms to 15 kms in 3 to 4 hours, if you don't waylay me. Through woodlands and the exquisite Rhododendron Gardens, echoing the jungles of Siam. Feel the ancient romance of Aideen's Grave,  druidic stones as old as the pyramids. Climb to HG Wells' most beautiful view in the world. Clear your mind and ignite your creativity with salty air and tropical aromas. Bliss your eyes with vivid yellow gorse and purple heathlands down to the sea and the cliffs. Summer breeze, the forest and the gentle tunes of the trees. Wilder storms and sea birds, crashing waves and lashing seas. At low tide we explore below the waterline and into the caves, but watch out and don't be caught out. Panoramic views from the clifftops. Exercise your body and soul. Myths and intimate tales, legends and history of 5,000 years.

The real high comes from the group, roving through enchanting territory, air and light from one inspiring place to the next. I kid you not!

I recommend cross trainers, boots or stout shoes. Keep an eye on the weather and think about a light waterproof. Water and a snack wouldn't hurt either.

Holiday Hack! Get the 31 or 31/a bus from Talbot street in the city centre, sit up stairs, up front or on the right hand side and treat yourself to a coastal tour and intimate review of Dublin as you make your way out to join us in Howth.

From EUR 30

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  • Assemble to leave at 11.00 am at the Tourism Kiosk on Harbour road, 5 minutes walk from the Dart Station.
  • Up by the old Tramlines toward Ben Edar, or through the village to the Tramline bench.
  • The Bog of Frogs and through the woodland to the Rhodies and Aideen's Grave.
  • Jungle trails to Muck Rock.
  • Shielmartin, the Sutton Martello, Red-Rock and Bellingham's.
  • On and on...The Sheep's Hole, Guinness's, Jameson's and the Candlesticks.
  • Smuggler's caves, hidey holes, ruined boathouses and nostalgic swimming pools, faded glories of the 20's.
  • By the Lion's Head, Baily Jumps and The Summit.
  • Back down to the village for  4 pm approximately, if we are not waylaid!
  • The journey may vary to make sure you get the best of each other, Howth, the weather and the tide.


  • Join your crew on the quayside, a bustling harbour. Boats on the water and locals plying their trades.
  • A rewarding hike in any weather.
  • Blooming deciduous woodland and jungle, rare plants and beautiful aromas. 
  • Rugged trails to the most surprising views. Sliabh Donard, King of the Mountains of Mourne on a clear day.
  • Get your own handle on the Druids and Celts, Saints and Scholars, Vikings, Normans, Rebels and independence.
  • Wildlife abounds including porpoises and dolphins, seals, raptors, heron or cormorant and curlew.
  • Explore the nooks and crannies, coves and caves of the Cliffs.
  • Rockhop below the tideline. For the sure footed.
  • Share a natural high.
  • Have teatimers with the locals or treat yourself to a delicious evening meal.


  1. Howth Tourism office
  2. The old Tramlines
  3. Evora
  4. Ben Edar
  5. Aideens Grave
  6. Muck Rock
  7. Mud Oak Cottage
  8. BarrenHill
  9. Red Rock
  10. Bellinghams Harbour
  11. The Needles
  12. The Lions Head
  13. Old Baily Cottage
  14. The Summit Inn
  15. The Seventy Steps
  16. The Village
  17. Howth Abbey