Howth Castle Experience - for your eyes only

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This is a wonderful and memorable opportunity to experience the footprint and interior of Howth Castle, one of the longest continuously inhabited private home in Europe. Turn the pages of history step by step exploring the upstairs and downstairs, the intimate, private and warm hearth of history, legend and mythology.  Experience an immersive historical experience in this 14th century Castle.  Follow in the footsteps of Grace O'Malley, Jonathan Swift, Queen Victoria, Bing Crosby and many famous visitors to the Castle over the years.

From EUR 50

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The Castle Experience starts at 2pm in the Walled Garden at the Castle Cafe

Examine the towers of the Castle and connect with the story of Grace O'Malley and the abduction of the heir

Ascent the stately steps to the front door of the Castle and leave the modern world behind

Walk back in time through the Great Hall and Dining Room and interpret the broad strokes of the Gaisford St Lawrence family

Contemplate the magnificent Drawing Room and pass through the Boudoir, a shrine to equine accomplishment

Enter the Lutyens designed Library - an architectural delight

Climb the elegant stairs to the landing and beautiful bedrooms

Pass down the backstairs, behind the scenes, to the 17th Century kitchen, now home to Howth Castle Cookery School

Return to the Walled Garden and savour the historical awareness we have awoken together with coffee, tea and delicious traybakes


Meet with kindred spirits in the beautiful Walled Garden. Wander the authentic landscape of Binn Eadair into ancient times. Cherished by the Tuatha Dé Danann, Howth was taken by the early Celts. Sense the hermetic nature of Celtic Christianity at our own island of Saints and Scholars at Inis MacNeasain before the terror of The Vikings. Understand the renaming of this place as Howth.


Grasp the vigour, courage and ambition of the Normans and contemplate the resilience of this family. Howth Castle is one of the longest inhabited stately homes of Europe. This is the true story of Ireland and Europe, still being written after the Norman Conquest, the Lambert Simnell Plot, the Flight of The Earls , the Wild Geese and Independence ...become part of it.  


Insider tip: Prolong your experience. Take the space and inspiration to digest the entire experience. Under your own steam, stroll through the famous Rhododendron Gardens and seek out Aideen's Grave. Enjoy an hour or two exploring Howth Harbour. Take a ferry cruise around Irelands Eye, still owned by the St Lawrence family from the new jetty on the West Pier. 


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