• Shane's Howth Hikes

    Explore Howth off-road with passionate and expert local guides

  • Shane's Howth Hikes

    Through woodlands and the exquisite Rhododendron Gardens, echoing the jungles of Siam.

  • Shane's Howth Hikes

    Experience an outdoor adventure of discovery and 5000 years of history. 
    Travel through time from this quaint fishing village


Dublin's Best Day Out, An Adventure Experience

Ireland, ancient and fresh. Get out here for an outdoor adventure.
City centre / airport 30 minutes by Dart, bus or taxi and Dublin Bay Cruises can get you here too...
World famous cliffs and coastal paths, wild seabirds, seals, porpoises, dolphins and the occasional whale. 
A breath of fresh and salty air, fragrant woodland, even a bit of rainforest and heathland. Inspiring cliffs and world class views
well served by a fine old harbour, medieval castle and a warm hospitable village.
Insider Hack! Get the 31 or 31/a bus from Talbot street in the city centre. Sit up stairs, up front on the right hand side.  Enjoy an intimate Dublin review and beautiful coastal tour on your way out to Howth.



Howth Castle earned a 2018 Certificate of Excellence

We're pleased to announce that Howth Castle has been recognised with a 2018 Certificate of Excellence, based on the consistently great reviews you've earned on the world's largest travel site.

Group Adventure

Have an inspiring day out with your family, workmates, club, stag or hen party. An alternative uplifting and exhilirating activity together. The experience and effect are all good!  Different groups have different capabilities and so we guide a hike that will get the best out of your special crew, with extra options for a picnic, refreshments or meal en route or when you finish. Include a boat trip around Ireland's Eye if you fancy less hiking, but still want that connection with maritime wildlife, nature and the deep blue sea.    Research shows that spending time outdoors increases attention spans and creative problem-solving skills by as much as 50 percent. The authors of the study also point out that the results may have as much to do with unplugging from technology as they do spending time outside. We recently learned that walking in nature and hiking can change your brain chemistry and make you happier, more peaceful, and less stressed. Further evidence reveals the effect is enhanced beside water. Researchers at Stanford University found that people performed better on creative divergent thinking tests during and immediately after going for a walk. Friedrich Nietzsche famously once said that “All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking” — Boost the mood - According to a study published in Environmental Science & Technology, outdoor exercise is linked to "greater feelings of revitalization and positive engagement, decreases in tension, confusion, anger and depression, and increased energy."   http://www.wimp.com/what-hiking-does-to-the-brain-is-pretty-amazing/

Howth Castle - for your eyes only

Get under the skin of the most authentic, ancient and living, of Norman Irish noble adventures. Turn the pages of history, step by step, exploring the upstairs and downstairs of Howth Castle, the intimate, private and warm hearth of history, legend and mythology. This is Ireland's ancient peninsula of Binn Eadair, more recently named Howth by the Viking invaders who made it home in 814.    Vanquishing the combined forces of Irish and Norse families who fiercely defended Howth, Sir Almeric made the St. Lawrence family name and fortune by taking this coveted territory through force of arms on the 10th of August 1177 at the brutal battle of Evora Bridge. Real games of thrones were fought within arrowshot of the old Keep on the battlefield you can still observe. Get rich or die trying .... his courage and determination created a legacy that endures to this day. Gifted the King's Clothes for preserving the monarchy of Henry the 7th and visited for afternoon tea by Queen Victoria the St Lawrences were famously loyal to their liege and their loyalty has been repaid in the hard earned coin of endurance.    Grace O'Malley knew it well, though was not made welcome and exacted a Queen's ransom for the insult. Anointed by Queen Elizaabeth in London she breezed in with her head held high but was soon brought down to earth by the barred gates.    Steadfast over 800 years, riding out the turbulent storms of European and Irish history. Resolutely the Gaisford-St Lawrence have equally steadfastly defended and protected the nature of Howth from their indomitable redoubt of Howth Castle. Play your own cameo in a glorious story, the unfinished journey of Ireland since the Norman Conquests, that still has no end.     This is a rare, prestigious and exclusive opening to the footprint and interior of Howth Castle, one of the longest continuously inhabited private homes in Europe. Discover the tales and stories from within the personal and public rooms. Contemplate the eminent and august Lutyens Library, built to house the collection of Thomas Gaisford, Regius Professor of Greek, Curator of the Bodleian Library and Dean of Christchurch College, the furniture, paintings and artefacts.     As the most reliable port in Ireland, from the Tuatha Dé Danann through the Celts and Vikings, until 1820, Howth Castle was an elegant appointment kept by Kings, Queens and Dukes and an invitation sought by every VIP up to the present day. Reflect on your ambition and what it takes to forge an enduring dynasty. 

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Howth Safari

Immerse yourself in nature by hiking on the charming Howth Peninsula, a treasure of the Dublin Bay UNESCO Biosphere. Attune your senses and spirit to the outdoors. Feel a real connection with the land and people around you. A gnarly and beautiful coastal adventure in any season. Discover Howth off-road with passionate and expert local guides, nobody knows it better. Be ready for 10 kms to 15 kms (6 to 9 miles) in about 4 hours. Relive history as we walk through the ages and explore unique habitats that vary by day and season.  Submit to the ancient romance and resonance of Aideen's Grave, a druidic altar and gateway to the Otherworld, as old as the pyramids. Climb to HG Wells' most beautiful view in the world. Clear your mind and ignite your creativity with the salty air and cool breezes on your cheeks. Follow WB Yeats' Fairy Road down to the sea and the cliffs. Surrender your ears to the soughing of the forest and the gentle tunes of the trees. Sometimes embrace wild storms, crashing waves and lashing seas. Panoramic views of The Baily Lighthouse from the clifftops. Exercise your body and soul. Digest the myths and intimate tales, legends and history of 6000 years. The real high comes from the group, roving through enchanting territory, air and light from one inspiring place to the next. Seasonal highlights: Spring (March, April, May): Delight your senses in Irish Springtime with the smell of coconut on the breeze from the gorse, the fragrance of wild garlic underfoot in the woodland, and psychedelic rhododendron gardens. These exquisite rhododendrons echo the jungles of Siam. Notice the stretch in the evenings and warming of the year.  Summer (June, July, August): Howth's vibrant heathland blooms all summer over the headland. Birds abound all along the cliffs at this time of year too: kittiwakes, gulls, cormorants, guillemots, gannets, and more. Spot the porpoises, dolphins, and seals in the bay.  Autumn/Fall (September, October, November): This is the waning of the year, when incandescent Autumnal leaves cloak the woods. A magical time to be in Howth. Foliage is let go and descends to the forest floor with a gentle song.  Winter (December, January, Feburary): Brace the cold and awaken your senses to wild raw nature. Witness the sublime raging seas on stormy winter days. Howth's Winter woodland is stark and magnificent.  Tips: I recommend cross trainers, boots or stout shoes.  Keep an eye on the weather and think about a light waterproof, gloves, scarf and hat in a backpack. Water and a snack wouldn't hurt either. Holiday Hack! Get the 31 or 31/a bus from Talbot street in the city centre, sit up stairs, up front or on the right hand side and treat yourself to a coastal tour and intimate review of Dublin as you make your way out to join us in Howth.  The Dart works well too ( Dublin Area Rapid Transit ) and both have excellent free WIFI.

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Howth Village Voyage

Explore the charming seafront and historic village of Howth, a fishing village in the heart of the Dublin Bay UNESCO Biosphere. Only 30 minutes from Dublin City by train, this is the perfect seaside escape. Enjoy the sights, sounds, and aromas of a bustling fishing harbour. Fresh salty air, stunning views, and a rich maritime heritage. Seals, porpoises, and many remarkable seabirds all make frequent appearances along the way.  This lively fishing town has a deep history. Get a feel for the Druids and Celts, for whom Howth was an important place. Their presence lives on here. Fionn Mac Cumhall agus na Fíanna, the finest warriors in Erin were here. Romance was alive with Diarmuid and Gráinne, and Oscar and Aideen. An Island of Saints and Scholars guards the harbour mouth, once home to the enlightened monks of the Golden Age. The Vikings and Normans also came; some still remain. Howth Castle and Grace O'Malley the famous Pirate Queen. Martello Towers from after the French Revolution and Irish Rebellion of 1798. Captain William Bligh and the "failure" of Howth Harbour, Winston Churchill's childhood hideout, W.B. Yeats, H.G. Wells, and WillIam Orpen. Visit the landing place of The Howth Gun Running, central to the 1916 Rising.  Ahh but its not all history, we know how to Rock and Roll. Phil Lynnott and Thin Lizzy made themselves at home and U2 cut their teeth at many local venues, they have stuck around too. Not to overlook the Trad scene and the legacy of Clann Eadair with regular sessions in the local pubs. Let us show you around, then pick your spot for supper and a lively evening. Dublin's finest day out, with snug and cosy bolt-holes all along the way.  A lively, loving, and hospitable town. Cockles and mussels , a-live aa-live OH !    

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