The Village Voyage

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Explore the seafront of Howth, Harbour and village. Enjoy the sights, sounds and aromas of a bustling fishing harbour. Sea air, stunning views and maritime heritage. Seals top the foodcahin of the coastal wildlife  and remarkable seabirds all make frequent appearances. This lively fishing town has a heavyweight history.  Get the feel for Druids and Celts. Fionn Mac Cumhail agus na Fianna, Diarmuid and Graine, Aideens Grave and Oscar.  An Island of Saints and Scholars guarding the harbour mouth. The Vikings and Normans. Howth Castle, Grace O'Malley Pirate Queen.  Martello Towers from the French Revolution.  Captain William Bligh and the "failure" of Howth Harbour, Winston Churchill's childhood hideout, WB Yeats, HG Wells and WillIam Orpen. The Howth Gun Running the 1916 Rising.  Ahh but its not all history, we know how to Rock and Roll.  Phil Lynnott and Thin Lizzy made themselves at home and U2 cut their teeth at many local venues, they have stuck around too. Not to overlook the Trad scene and the legacy of Clann Eadair with regular sessions in the local pubs. Let us show you around, then pick your spot for supper and a lively evening.

Dublin's finest day out, with snug and cosy bolt-holes all along the way. 

A lively loving and hospitable town.

Cockles and mussels , a-live aa-live OH !


Ab EUR 20

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Jetzt buchen! Zur Buchungsanfrage
  • Start 1400 at The House Restaurant, 4 Main Street, Howth, Co. Dublin
  • Dublin GPS: 53.38593968433149, -6.065290479237319
  • The Abbey, Saints, Scholars and The Vikings
  • Tower Hill, The Normans The Napoleonic Arms Race
  • Rock and Roll Thin Lizzy and U2
  • The East Pier Shipwrecks, Pirates, Smugglers and Riots, old habits die hard.
  • The Lighthouse, The Asgard, The Howth Guns and The 1916 Rising
  • The Middle Pier and the Mounument to Those Lost at Sea,
  • The West Pier and Kings Landing
  • Perhaps a beautiful walk in nature on the right day
  • Finish 1615 approx.


  • Meeting point at The House Restaurant , 4 Main Street, Howth, Dublin GPS: 53.38593968433149, -6.065290479237319
  • 30 Minutes from the City Centre by DART or Number 31 Bus  and the same time from  Dublin Airport airport by Taxi
  • A civilised stroll, at an easy pace, adapted to get the best from the weather
  • Seals, islands and wild seabirds all at your fingertips
  • Walk in the footsteps of an astonishing history, and a heavyweight past 
  • Winkle out the best spots for grub, grog or whatever you're having yourself
  • Explore the West pier with its cafes and restaurants right beside the working fishing fleet
  • Stretch your legs betwen the sea and the sky on the extensive and exposed East pier. 
  • Step back in time with the engaging and informative stories of your passionate guide
  • See the oldest fleet of yachts in the world racing at the weekend


  1. House Restaurant
  2. Howth Abbey
  3. Tower Hill
  4. East Pier
  5. Asgard landing
  6. Monument to those Lost at Sea
  7. West Pier
  8. Kings Landing